The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Another version of The Blue Marble - The Planets

another version of the blue marble

A version of The Blue Marble.

The photo was taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on their way to the Moon. Antarctica, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar, and part of Asia are visible.

The image is from (NASA mission AS17, roll 148, frame 22727), specifically the 4400x4600 version available there. Deglr6328's comments on modifying the image:

I cropped the image and adjusted only the brightness/contrast and gamma in photoshop to, what appears to my eye, be a better color match to what might actually be seen from space than the color in Image:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg, which I feel is too dark/red and just odd looking (like an old faded photo). I tried to match the color in the version I uploaded to other examples of this shot as provided by NASA on various pages of theirs.

Another version of The Blue Marble - The Planets